PROJECT Sleeping Flags
ROLE Branding, Web Design

Irish veterans risk everything to serve the flag, but it doesn’t always serve them. Despite decades of distinguished service as UN Peacekeepers around the world and at home during The Troubles, many have been left destitute and in desperate need of help. Public awareness of the plight of these homeless veterans is almost non-existent. We needed to raise awareness and funds fast.

The flag is an incredibly important to all members of the Irish military.

They have risked their lives for it. They hold it in the highest esteem, and the protocols around its representation and treatment are incredibly strict.

We decided to use it as a symbol and start a much needed conversation. If our veterans were laying in the gutter, then so too would our flag.


We created Sleeping Flags.

We took the iconic green, white and orange Tricolour flag and paired it with the object most universally associated with homelessness, the sleeping bag. A jarring and shocking combination which forced the public to consider what is more important to them – the flag, or the people who serve it.


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